Oral ENMD-2076


Our Son-in-law in the last year has had Chemo then radiation followed by surgery to remove 2 tumours. 1 on his knee and 1 in his groin which ruptured during removal so he had another round of radiation. When this was all done they did a scan and nodes were seen on his lungs so they explored the possibility of surgery which was ruled out and a new tumour in his groin has appeared. After meeting with his Oncologist last week he was informed there was no cure and he recommended Votrient to start in two weeks...

When he got home he was called by another Doctor and informed of a clinical trial involving Oral ENMD-2076. After going to meeting and waiting for the call he was informed of his acceptance into the trial.

We are meeting with his Oncologist this Monday to discuss the which course to take.

Does anyone know about this Oral ENMD-2076 or are there any opinions or recommendations on what course of action to take or questions to pose at our meeting with the Oncologist.

I am just support and I'm emotionally and physically exhausted. The people in this group are such a help to us... Thank you


I had not encountered this drug in my research yet and it turns out the company is in my backyard of Rockville md. Results look promising from research,though early focus was on ovarian cancer and now soft tissue. I wish I had more to offer you on this. The biotech co has launched a trial in china

Has your doctor considered Yondelis? We are evaluating it currently. It is available on compassionate use basis now and being fast-tracked by FDA.

Also someone else on site recently shared positive results from keytruba trial.

I would ask why enmd -2076 over Votrient? Is Yondelis an option to consider? What about the several trials on immunotherapy?

Sending positive energy your way. It is so very hard


Thank you for the additional info, I will check it out… The only reason that enmd-2076 is being considered was because the option was presented by a Thoracic Surgeon and after consultation and acceptance by the Clinical Trial team it’s now on the table… Time is limited and decisions must be made and we are hoping our meeting with the Onocologist will be informative… Thank you for the Positive Energy…


If he doesn't do the trial now, he probably won't have the option to do it later. On the other hand, votrient will still be available if the trial doesn't work. This is something to take into consideration when you make a decision.

Here are the phase 2 results in soft tissue sarcoma (no synovial sarcoma were in this trial though):



Haven’t heard of this trial buy I recommend any and all trials. Honestly its our best shot to actually find something that can work against synovial. I’m currently undergoing a trial with tracon pharmaceutical testing out the drug TRC105 and am also taking Votrient due to my 4th recurrence in 3 years now stage 4 metastatic in my lungs.As of now feeling pretty good and same as you so glad I’m here on the site so much helping info!