On Votrient, what's the best solution to stomach problems?


For the past 2 weeks Jaclyn's stomach pain has increased with constipation, nausia and 10 lb weight lose since May 21st. Doctors were suspicious of her last scan on May 16th, it showed something going on in the pelvic area. But after going to the ER and having another scan they said no change since last scan so she was told to go home and take ex-lax. Now her stomach is paining quiet a bit after eating and we would appreciate any advice. Doctors are planning to go in her lung with a microscope to look at the huge tumor and she if it is operable, but she needs to get her stomach problem solved first. I feel for everyone and their families that are fighting this monster. Praying for all. Lynda


I don't know if this would be a solution for you, but when I was on votrient I took it before bed. I didn't have any problems with it then.


I can recommend Licorice tea( yes tea bags of licorice Twinings make it. it works wonders, no side effects just gentle movement through the digestive system( hope she likes licorice.) also coconut oil. can be used in cooking, spread on bread/crackers etc. It has a high flash point so does not de-nature when used for frying etc. Has anti-viral properties and many others. I do highly recommend it.


hope it helps. The problem with most medication is what works for one person doesn't work for another.



Thanks very much for the in the info, She will certainly give it a chance.