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Nik's Poems

Nik wrote these on March 8th, 2012... I hope they give you strength in your battle. (Nik's mom);

- the fight
It's gonna be hard, there's going to be struggle , there's going to be pain, you will feel weak, helpless and hate but you have to stay STRONG you can not give in to the hate you can never feel helpless you can never let struggle overcome you. You have to always maintain control of you're mind. You're mind will consume you if you let it. It can make you week and make you lose faith and hope.... If you lose hope you have nothing if you lose faith there is no life to have lost. You have to believe in yourself.. You have to believe in a god that believes in you because if you don't your already dead inside.

-Hind sight
You only get one chance at this life and none of us know how long that life will last. but we do know one thing for sure, this life is all we really know, all we feel. is where it gets tricky is when this life ends that's when everything we did in this life comes into play that's when it all really matters that's when you look back at everything and ask yourself.....

-gods test
The pain, the feeling of lost love, the demise , it is all just another question a question we cannot answer with words but with our faith... Always hold on to faith and you will have passed life's test..

Nikolas Ritschel


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