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New research on Synovial Sarcoma of the head and neck! Published June 2017

I thought you would all find this article interesting. I am amazed too, because I am in this research paper, which is co-authored by my Dr., Dr. Benjamin of MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas How do I know I am in the paper? Because out of the only 44 patients with Synovial Sarcoma in the Head or Neck presented at MD Anderson, Houston in 22 years (which is amazing in itself!), it mentions that only 1 patient DID NOT HAVE therapy (radiation or chemo) after recurrence. That is me. I never had any therapy after my recurrence with my lung surgery!! I am part of science, I am also extremely lucky!!! I hope I am this lucky on my 5 years scans next month!!!

Volume 2017 (2017), Article ID 2016752, 8 pages

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This caused a lot of attention on Facebook I have referred at least three people to you already one is serious it’s a child and he’s metastasized several times they are in some hospital in Jacksonville and the kid needs help immediately he’s had it like three times it’s on his spinal cord she should be contacting you I keep telling them to look for you if I shouldn’t do that tell me!
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