Can anyone tell me of some of their side effects of Neulasta and anything that might have helped.
Thank you


Here is a discussion about neulasta side effects which gives a tip for handling back pain, which is a side effect that most people experience:


I didn't have a chance to try this trick and I just waited for the pain to go away on its own but I hope the trick works for you :-)


I hated that stuff, the leg pains were not good. i was told to take Claritin first thing in the AM on the day of the shot. And continue on taking it for 3-4 days. It helped, cut down pain by 50%. Nobody knows why it works but it does. Being at stage 4 with the tumors everywhere, I can pretty much get what I want from my Oncologist, within reason. So I got some 15mg Morphine tabs, knocked the pain out right away. I wasn't to useful for a few days but I wasn't useful with the pain anyway.


My son never had any side effects of the Neulasta. Actually we were really happy with this medication!


I always got neuasta on a friday, and the whole weekend I wouldn't want to get out of bed. I felt extra weak from my bones hurting so much. It went away by Monday usually!


I also took Claritin (OTC) at least a few hours before the injection and then again on the following 2-3 days after the injection. I did well. Of course, it was not acknowledged by the physician and I do not know if it was the help, but I felt it was worth the try and I did not have trouble. Nice talking with you again. Debbie.


Thank you all. He actually had to switch to Neupogen. The difference was night and day, very minimal side effects.


Bone pain and I heard that Claritin D helps. Just found this out, sorry this is prob way to late since you posted 2014. Just seen this.


I had awful bone pain with neulasta. I used over the counter claritin which helped tremendously!