Neulasta Side Effects


My son-in-law is presently undergoing chemo for his synovial sarcoma and the side effects from his neulasta injections was very unpleasant, so he made some enquiries regarding said side effects... He was informed that there was a study being done regarding the use of an allergy medication called Claritin to alleviate the headaches and back pain be was experiencing so he tried it... To keep this story short the results were astounding, no more pain...

We feel the need to share this to assist others who may be experiencing the unpleasant side effects of neulasta... Please inform your oncologists if you try... Good luck and health to all..


Thanks for the tip! Did he take the claritin just after the shot? For how long?


I will enquire today when I see him... He had enquired about taking allergy medication during chemo because he has seasonal allergies and that was when they informed him of the study at the Juravinski Cancer Hospital...


He takes the Claritin daily as he needs it for his allergy.... He was taking another allergy med before he was informed of Claritin and since he changed he has had no unpleasant side effects from neulasta...


Amazing, I am so happy to hear that your son is getting relief from pain with Claritin. While my daughter was on chemos, the oncologist told her to take Zrytec, which is also an allergy medication but it didn't help her much.


Claritin is also what my oncologist suggested to prevent bone aches from the Neulasta shot. I haven't tried it yet as I have been fortunate enough to not have severe enough pain. I just take some Advil when I get achy. I just wanted to confirm that Claritin is also what was recommended to me.


I took claritin a few hours before the neulasta shot and had minimal discomfort. One cycle I forgot and took it at the same time as the shot and had a little more lower back back of hip discomfort but that may have occurred anyway. All in all it wasn’t bad.


Oh great to know, I was in pure misery from those shots.This should be a great hep.


Hoping it works for you as well as it did for our son in law… His battle continues… Wishing the best for all…