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Neulasta not working


Has anyone had experience of neulasta not working? If so, what did you do?

It has been 10 days and white count and neutrophils are very low

Would appreciate any advice



Did you ever find out what was the reason for his issue with anemia? Was that resolved?


Hmmm I think it always worked for me. It was not a miracle solution but it kept counts just above the minimum to start treatment. Im sorry to be of so little help. I would advice a very balanced and lots of variety in the diet, so the body has all the right building blocks to boost the system. How low are they exactly? I hope they rise fast.



I dont know your case so well, but a few points about Neulasta - because you get it doesnt mean that your counts will not bottom out. It actually shortens the time that your counts are down this low. Most patients have these low counts from days 7-10 but some go out to day 14. Also, if you've had a lot of chemotherapy, then it can take longer to improve. Hope this helps.


Thank you. Today is day 15. Hoping to see improvement. Waiting for labs. Actually down again yesterday. Range of white cell count has been .43 to .81. Requested that hey add daily neupogen starting 3 days ago.

Red count and platlettes were better yesterday. Whew. Exhausting and scary