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Nausea / When not recieving chemo

Fininished the second round of Chemo. Ifosfamide / Doxorubicin. I have a 22cm tumor in my leg and has mets to my lungs. I go into hospital for 4 days 24X7 of Chemo. Then Home until numbers bounce back and allow Chemo again. I have not had this issue before but now seemed to be agitated and cannot sleep even though Ambien is being used. Started over the last 2 days. I do not remember do I

Change dosage of Zofran? I have compozine should I switch to it?

Where are you at in your cycle? Usually for me, the week following the end of chemo infusion would be when it was hard to sleep. It would go back to normal once the blood counts were back up. I didn't get any zofran on that week, only during chemo infusion. And during chemo infusion, I was pretty much sleepy the whole time.


I am 6 days since last day of Chemo. I was taking Zofran every 8 hours in pill form. I switched to compazine last night. My troubles have cleared up. I was very "anxious" or aggitated. My head ache is gone. I will call Doctor Monday to get clarification. Thanks for your reply.