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Mom just diagnosed with sarcoma

My mom has been diagnosed with Sarcoma. After a fall on the ice she noticed this painful area behind her knee, finally just found out it is a Sarcoma after a biopsy. The doctor didn’t say if its spread or not, says he can tell after she gets a cat-scan on chest and stomach, tomorrow. The plan is to do radiation first to shrink the tumor to be removed, best case scenario (I think)

She’s 69 years old and means the world to me. We’re brand new to this and I would appreciate any helpful info or ideas anyone has.

Sorry for your mom, I was recently diagnosed and my daughter is very upset.

one day at a time helps me.


The plan makes sense so far. When there are no metastases, the main idea is to remove the tumor with clear margins. Radiation or chemo may be used before surgery to reach that goal. Amputation is sometimes necessary especially if important nerves are involved.

Good luck with the scans! I do hope she does not have metastases. They make the situation much more difficult :-(