Synovial Sarcoma - Online Support Group

Moderator Elodie Espesset


We have been saddened by news of Moderator Elodie Espesset’s death. Elodie had been a member of this community since 2010, and for years, she tirelessly devoted her time and energy to our Synovial Sarcoma community. As a patient herself, Elodie knew how critical it was for other patients to be able to make informed choices to allow for the best possible outcomes. Elodieconsistently provided sound information to our members, as well as compassion and understanding. She also stepped up to help our wider organization, volunteering on Facebook as well as on other communities. Elodie was generous, intelligent, committed, kind, and a good friend to many of us. We will all miss her, and we extend our condolences to her husband, Oleg, their son, Alandis, her family and many friends.

How lucky we are to have known someone so very hard to say good bye to.

Ben Munoz and the entire Ben’s Friends Team