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Metastisis from right elbow to Pec muscle?

Hello everyone,

I'm 6 months post chemo and I now have lumps in my right pec muscle. Has anyone heard of or experienced this? I'm having a CT on Tuesday Feb 5th, but I've never heard it going to your pec muscle. Any help would be a big help!

Thanks and God bless! Keep fightin'!


Pubmed doesn't list any case of synovial sarcoma mets to the pectoralis muscle. It is likely something else. Keep us posted about your CT scan results!

HI Steve I don;t think it is anything to do with your Sarcoma, more likely a lipoma or something from your chemo. I had lumps around ,my inner elbow on the arm I had chemo through and the consultant said it may just have been through the chemo.
I also have lipomas in my thigh which they did do an ultrasound for to confirm>
Good luck for Tuesday and I will be thinking of you.
Where are you being treated and when do you get your result?