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There are so many great writers on the Internet who are talking about Synovial Sarcoma both on this site, Synovial Sarcoma Survivors, and outside of the network. We would love to highlight the best blogs here. If you write a blog. or there is a really good one you read, and you would like it to be featured here, please write a brief intro in the Comments with the following:
1) Blog Name
2) Blog Address (URL - e.g. http://blog.bensfriends.org/)
3) A short description of your blog - What you talk about, any special perspective you provide, etc.
Next - we will highlight it in this discussion and then link to it. We'll also link to it on the Ben's Friends blog (http://blog.bensfriends.org/)
We can't wait to see your posts!
Ben Munoz


Rob has a great blog here:


Gary has his blog here:


Kevin uses Caring Bridge:


Paul used Caring Bridge too but he passed away. I don't know how long his journal will be available:



We have a blog that we write to keep friends and family updated on my husband which can be found at www.blackburn-us.com. We refer to ourselves as “Team Blackburn” and have a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TeamBlackburnFightingAgainstSarcoma. Our goal is to document and share our story and raise awareness for Sarcoma. We also have used this vehicle for fundraising efforts most recently selling wristbands which raised over $2,000 for the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

For this audience, we hope that sharing the experiences my husband has had, particularly with the drug therapies he has tried, will bring knowledge to others fighting the fight, and potentially what to expect from some treatments.

Thank you for providing this community, and for allowing us to share our story.