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Marijuana benefits

Hey! another discussion today, sorry. so, i heard marijuana helps with symptoms and just everything with cancer. does anyone know about smoking it if that has the same beneficial effect? ive heard about cannibis oil and eating it, but i wasnt sure about smoking it. If the decision helps, my tumor is in my lung. thats why i am hesitant, but i thought it may help with the pain. thanks in advance!

Hi Julie, Don't apologize for asking too many questions! Keep 'em coming :)

I would not smoke it if I were you. To get the most benefit, you need to do a large amount of it to get as many CBD into your system. I heard that one gram of the oil is equivilant to one ounce of the buds. You should work up to 60 grams in 90 days or less. My husband was up to 5 grams a day.

I agree. Don’t smoke it. Either eat it or use the oil. It helps with appetite, nausea, mood, can shrink tumors and is great on pain.

My wife uses Cannabinoid extract. Don't smoke it!!!

There is loads of great in formation out there here are some links (great videos) (Manuel Guzman, Spanish Dr studies cannabinoids and cancer) (A great book on integrative oncology with a chapter on cannabinoids) an interesting paper on the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

My wife uses cannabis in a variety of ways. Oral administration of extract Cannabis oil (which we make ourselves and so can you) the bio availability of this method is said to be 18%, caution must be taken with oral administration as the psychoactive effects can be very strong, most feel best to start off at <25mg every 6 hrs aday and double the dose every week or so. Metabolises in the liver changing some cannabinoids.

Inhalation of vapour, we use a volcano vaporisor (my wife has one lung after a previous op and worries about lung mets) bio availability is 22%, also metabolises in the liver. the psychoactive effect can be strong but short lasting. again take care, little and often.

Enema/suppository transdermal administration, bio availability 65% NO PSCHOACTIVE EFFECT. my wife uses 1 part CO @ 0.5g with 2 parts virgin coconut oil, rectal administration twice daily.

Be aware that cannabinoids can interact with conventional chemotherapy agents, this may lead to an increase of the chemo in the human system causing the patient harm through toxic levels of the chemo. Research further. Doxirubicin and Votrient are both increased in the human system when cannabis oil is taken oraly (I can not find any evidence about transdermal interactions) Please see my other posts as to the interaction between Cannabinoids and Pazopinib, and if you can help find an oncologist or research paper to support the use of the two drugs I would be soo happy.

Keep it real, you are awesome!!!!