Lung tumors? Thoughts?


Diagnosed 2012. My initial tumor has not come back and dox and ifos cut that tumor in half about a year ago. So for anyone wondering if that regimen works… It does! Granted, maybe it’s not the same for everyone. But, I responded very well.

Anyways, I unfortunately have metastasis to my lymph nodes and they’re in both lungs. There’s maybe 13 or more of them. But, without treatment, they’ve stabilized. And I have a new one that showed up on a recent chest CT. My sarcoma doctor doesn’t want to pursue treatment because sometimes a sarcoma patients greatest hope is that they stabilize because it’s so unrealistic to shrink them once they’ve reached the lungs. Any thoughts on the matter? I know they’re inoperable but should I be pushing for treatment?

Also, chemo enlarged my thymus gland. I don’t know if anyone has had this side effect from chemo?

And my entire diet is organic now… I’m not feeding those tumors anymore!
Sugar is a big fat no no.


It may not make sense to do chemo if they are stable. But what about laser surgery or cryosurgery?


I did high dose ifex and it shrunk and killed several of my tumors. They have come back since then but I had a few clear scans. I was also diagnosed in OCt 12. Maybe that chemo is an option unless you don't want to pursue treatment if they are stable. I would go without treatment until you seen progression which God willing that wont happen. Good luck with everything!


No more Chemo, your body is now resistant to it. Keep up the organic diet and enjoy your life . Much love ,faith and good health to you.

God Bless,

Synovial Mom


You may want to check if you are eligible for the immunotherapy trial: