Lung mets


Hi all , I was diagnosed ss in left ankle in December 14 had below knee amputation and all was well unfortunately CT and MRI show lung mets very small at present 4 mm , I have an appointment this week to discuss treatment options after PET scan but surgeon has already said surgery and chemo , without being a pessimist I’m not sure if I should go ahead and have a million questions, does the treatment just delay the inevitable is it worth doing , or should I just leave well alone and get on with living while I can . Probably not something people want to think of but not in a good place right now . Anyone out there who has had mets been through treatment and still ok ? Thanks in advance


Here is someone who had his lung mets removed more than 10 years ago and he is still in remission as far as I know:


Obviously, you don't know if you're going to be that lucky but it's worth the try I think...


I know of many who have survived cancer when the odds were stacked greatly against them. Surgery and chemo sounds like a solid plan, and while it will be inconvenient and painful now, you have so much life left in front of you! I think it is important to take every opportunity you can to try to fight this disease.


Thank you both for the replies after having the amputation just still feeling a bit low , will see what the Dr has to say about latest PET scan on Wednesday


Hi Moopy! Please move forward and fight against this disease, it will be worth it! I was diagnosed in 2012 with an SS tumor in my left calf. At that time I went through 5 rounds of chemo (AIM), 5-7 weeks radiation, and was blessed to have limb sparing surgery at the University of Michigan. 1.5 years later lung met were found on my lungs. Completed 8 rounds of high dose Ifosfamide in February which have done significant damage to the tumors. One month ago I started Votrient which I will continue to take. More lab results tomorrow - but I remain committed to extending my life as long as possible! There are so many advances in cancer therapy that it’s important to fight-keep reaching for the next milestone as we can only hope for better treatments to come!!! Keep kicking cancer’s ass and get as many opinions as you can. Do not rely on one point of contact! Wishing you all the best! Darren


Thanks Darren , we have decided to go for surgery to see if they can cut the tumours out , there are more than expected , I have said no to chemo for now but can change my mind later if I want , my specialist has been honest and open which o felt was important but for now I am just leaving it to its own devices and make some more memories for my family and friends . I appreciate you taking the time to write though and good luck with your ongoing battle


I will second Darren and say to keep fighting!! There are new drugs and treatments coming out all the time. And while in some ways it is all "prolonging the inevitable," that does not mean a bad life!

I have had lung mets for 4+ years now, have been through surgeries, clinical trials, chemo, etc. They are still there and will probably never go away entirely, but also in that time I have traveled to London three times, taken business trips to Denver, Chicago, and Atlanta, done a 4 day 2000 mile road trip around the plains states, and so much more!

Not to be a total Pollyanna, but there's so much more life to live, even with stage 4 cancer!

Good luck!!


Hi Jen , thanks for taking the time to reply , I am not giving up as such it’s just that my oncologist has said the chemo will make me extremely sick and I will lose all my hair and as an amputee I am worried I will have no quality of life , I am trying to get on a trial at the moment so wil know in a few weeks, what trials and types of chemo have you been through ? And what trials ?