@Lundgsd from Washington has joined us!


Hello there! My name is Arjuna, a Lead Intern at Ben’s Friends, and I wanted to welcome you to our community. It seems like you had to go through quite the journey to get the diagnoses, and what caught my eye about your story was that earlier on, the doctor saw something akin to a cyst! (however upon cutting through, only scar tissue was found). But good on you for being proactive and noticing the continued growth, and helping yourself find the appropriate diagnosis in time. How are you feeling now?

As you may imagine, there have been a number of members who have been in similar positions to you. In fact, I did a search for the term “knee amputation” on this site, and found 42 existing threads mentioning it. Here is the URL to that: https://www.synovialsarcomasurvivors.org/search?q=knee%20amputation

Finally, I also see that you are an outdoorsy person, and given that you live in Washington, I must ask whether you’ve hiked any of those magnificent peaks there? Glad to see that you are still loving the outdoors, I find it has such a calming influence, and connects you with nature.

We look forward to hearing back from you! Feel free to share with us any updates, and/or stories by clicking on the “+” button at the bottom right corner of your screen. We are here to help!