Loving life


So, I just came out of hospital again! After my second operation of removing tumours from my right inner thigh, there formed a lot of fluids in the empty hole left in my leg … i started to feel extreme pain an fever just over 2 and a half months after that operation in April. Turns out it was starting an infection so had to drain as quick as possible! Could not believe how much fluid came out of my leg (dr had someone take a video while operating). Well im much better and out of hospital.

This is actually just a message to say despite my situation with the SS, im extremely happy in my life! Im eating healthy and enjoying everything that comes my way!! We need to stay positive! I as so glad I found this site where so may of us can connect and share! Thank you guys!


Is the infection under control now? Keep strong!


You have a great attitude and that's half the battle! Focus on what you want, not what you fear. See the best people if you can and travel if you have to. Start a gofundme.com or giveforward.com to raise the money to get to the best center possible. You'll be surprised how many caring people are out there and willing to help. Read Radical Remission...a book about people who beat the odds...to gain ideas and believe that you WILL be one of those people too. Balance traditional medicine with alternative. Whatever you decide to do, keep that great spirit and you will inspire everyone you meet to appreciate every moment. Hugs, Deborah