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Local recurrence

I had a small tumor in my right thigh near the knee diagnosed in April 2014. It was 3 cm. It was removed and I did 60 rounds of radiation. All CT scans and MRIs have been clear until a week ago. My 6 month MRI showed a 1.5x2cm “something”. My doctor wants to go in and remove it next week. She’s unsure if this is a recurrence or not. I don’t really know what else it could be, so I’m prepared for the worst. What I’m struggling with is in all my research and all I’ve read on here I’ve never come across someone with a tumor as small as mine having a recurrence and especially having one in less than two years. I’m looking to see if anyone has had an experience like mine or has any advice?

Did they give you radiation because they couldn't get clear margins? I wouldn't worry too much about it until your surgeon gets in there and checks it out. Even if it turns out to be a recurrence and not some scar tissue, it is still small and could be the result of a few cells left over from the first surgery that were spared by radiation. Don't let anxiety take over your mind! Not many people get tumors so small...

Was the surgery a clear cut? Or you don't know? Maybe e few cells where left. Good that they found it fast while it was still mall. Mine was over 15cm.... Anyway if I was you I would do the surgery as soon as possible. It's also possible it's just scar tissue or an effect from the radiation. I mean there are more options than the sarcoma tumor (allthough it has maybe a bigger chance). Just to be safe do the surgery and you'll know more! I wish you goodluck! And keep us posted!

Thank you for your replies. They had said there were clear margins before. I’m going in Tuesday to have it removed. I’ll post when I know what it is.

k I wish you the very best! Take care!

I had my surgery on Tuesday. The doctor took out about a dime sized mass that was all scar tissue. In the middle of it was a 2mm tumor. She thinks that this wasn’t a recurrence, but part of the original tumor. I had an arthroscopy three years ago by a doctor who had no idea what he was dealing with. My doctor feels the pressure from the arthroscopy broke this piece off the original tumor. I’m hoping that this is the case. Kinda wondering if anyone else has heard of something like this?

The most important is that it is out. If you are too anxious, do get a second opinion. I doubt that an oncologist would advise further treatment for a 2mm tumor but who knows?

I wish you a good recovery…!