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Liver metastasis

Has anyone had ss go to the liver? There’s a spot on my liver that the doctors don’t think is anything but always makes me a little anxious. It seems to be growing very little with each MRI but they say they think its a hemangioma. I am coming up on 16 years since my diagnosis with no recurrences. So I know the odds of my SS coming back are very slim but it’s just that anxiety no matter what.

Great question. Looking forward to the answers from the group.

I would check out ANYTHING that suggests "it's growing". Bless you

I have a spot on my liver which initially caused concern, at that stage I had no metastasis. After a few scans it hadn't changed or grown and they decided that it was just a cyst or something else unrelated. Good luck with it.

I had one also when initially diagnosed. It was a fatty cyst.I am 17 yrs clean.Mine was in my neck.I would not worry. They are right.If they thought it wasnt they would be doing something about it.Keep the faith. I know what you mean about being anxious. It never goes away.. I am always reminded everyday by my voice and straining to speak. All the side affects from radiation on my head and neck also.The good thing is we are here. Where was your ss?Keep the faith.

I had a what they believed was a liver metastasis, but nothing conclusive... That was right before I began Votrient. I'm lead to believe metastasis to the liver of SS is rare, but still possible.