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Lip / Kidney/ Everywhere

My stepfather was recently diagnosed with terminal Synovial Sarcoma - it presented on his lip however the doctors believe that it may have started in his kidney and, unfortunately, it grew like wildfire and is literally everywhere at this point including his heart wall, his intestines, his lungs, and... on his lip. The lip is the most disruptive to his life at this point since he is unable to enjoy food and it's painful to him - I wish it were anywhere but on his face so that he could at least enjoy the time he has left.

Did his doctors recommend any palliative treatment? While they deemed him terminal they should try everything to make him comfortable...

They will be doing radiation but we're not sure how much it's going to help at this point.

The radiation would be only on the lip or on multiple sites?

The lip and the brain lesions. They aren't going to do any radiation on the lesions below the neck.

I could only find one case of synovial sarcoma on the lip in the literature:

I am wondering if it would be worth to attempt a local treatment such as cryotherapy. It may be good to consult with a interventional radiologist which is different from a radiation oncologist. They specialize in all kind of non surgical ablative techniques. I know several patients who have used Dr. Littrup at Karmanos cancer institute for cryosurgery:

But may be, somebody can recommend somebody else...

I am very sorry to hear this! I am sending out lots of prayers in hopes of miracles by Our Lord to provide healing and uplifting in all things. Debra.