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Kratom/Pain Relief


Has anyone got any reviews or results from using Kratom? My husband is on Oxy and it’s not helping with pain relief


Is your husband seeing palliative care specialists? They have the most experience with pain management.
There are severe risks associated with the use of Kratom:


He is. We have run out of options for him and he doesn’t want his last days on any more chemo or pain medications so we are searching for alternatives.


Is his pain coming from his spine metastases?


Yes. It started with a mass in his thigh which his PCP at the time misdiagnosed him. (Which let it grow to 10 cm) It then spread to spine mass and tailbone mass. They were unable to remove the spine mass completely because it had grown into the dura. The dura can not be cut into cuz it holds spinal fluid. We have been dealing with this since 2011 finally got diagnosis in 2013.


Has he been offered palliative radiation therapy for his spine and tailbone mets? It seems to be commonly used for management of bone mets:


He has had his lifetime max with radiation😒


How about cryoablation?


Thank You so much for this information. We are seeing the pain Dr tomorrow and I will bring this up.


Cryoablation is not an option due to the multiple cancer sites. Again thank you for your knowledge and insights.


I am sorry that’s not an option. Did they have something else to offer?
I also found these:


We looked into a clinical trial here in Detroit but he didn’t qualify for it.
He has had a pain pump installed last week that we are working/adjusting meds to give him some relief.
At this point, We are trusting in the Lord.
Thanks for all the time and information you have given me​:smiley::smiley: