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Ketogenic Diet

Has anybody tried ketogenic diet? There was a recent article about a study done on a mouse model of metastatic cancer (for a type of brain tumor) that showed the combination of ketogenic diet and hyperbaric oxygen prolonged survival:

It's been observed that most cancer cells consume more sugar than normal cells which they process in the cytosol instead of the mitochondria to produce energy in a very ineffective way called the Warburg effect:

This is why PET scans are used to detect tumors. And the idea behind the ketogenic diet is to reduce the tumor's fuel supply for energy by reducing their carbohydrate supply.

Until now, I had mixed feeling about this method because my tumors had never lighted up on PET scans. But I had a PET scan on Monday and for the first time it did.

My son has eliminated sugars and most all carbs ( at least simple carbs ) from his diet for sometime now and while not a total cure, we believe it has definitley helped keep tumors at bay. Again, the key here is NO sugar and greatly reduced carbohydrates, carbs that are consumed (it's unavoidable) are to be consumed with high fiber, which reduces the sugar intake. Think processed / refined foods and sugars as big no no's.

He does as well, consume high levels of fat - I believe we've really got to change our stereotype of fats! The fats do need to come from a quality organic type source however.

For what it's worth, my dad has been living with me since he was diagnosed and we've had him on our 'diet' - organic, vegan (he eats a bit of fish), whole foods-based: no sugar, lots of fresh veg and fruit, fiber, whole grains and healthy fats (avocados, olive oil, cold-pressed coconut oil and milk). We also do a lot of veg juicing. He has, per his words, never felt better. It has definitely made a difference in his overall health and energy levels. I would like to start leaning more towards a ketogenic diet with reducing the carbs and natural sugars a bit more.

AGD - did you son eliminate natural sugars - fruit, whole grains - or are you focusing mostly on refined sugars? My dad eats quite a bit of low glycemic fruits.

I asked the naturopathic oncologist we are seeing about the ketogenic diet, and he said he only recommends it, currently, for people with brain tumors.


Yes, he has eliminated all fruits and nearly all whole grains. Rarely he'll eat rye bread, have to find rye with low carbs (they are not all the same) and he'll eat it with a good amount of fat and protein, like salami. Then fresh veggies to further slow down the beeakdown of the carbs. The key being able to slow down the carb load with protein and fiber, my son, his Mother and his naturopath know MUCH more about it than I, but the above is definitley part of his diet.

Itchyboots, how is your Dad doing? Hope he is still well. I was misdiagnosed in August 2013 and after surgery in Oct. correctly diagnosed. I had 6cm growth on mons pubis. In Dec. something is back, scans in Jan. 2014 show 4cm same location. MD suggested chemo and surgery. I have chosen to go 90% raw veggies, 10% cooked veggies. I juice 6-10 glasses everyday. No carbs except maybe sweet potato once in awhile. No fruit except berries, melon and coconut juice. I will continue this until next scans in April. Was wondering if anyone was eating raw and juicing. I am 63 yr. old and would love to hear from you. Thanks