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My childs lung synovial sarcoma tumor was removed in Jan. She is 5 mo post op with no disease detected but there are some benign growths were watching. She also has paranetal plastic syndrome and the symptoms are worsening. The neurologist wants to admit her for IVIG snd Steroid therapy. (We did this 4 times before knowing she has a cancerous mass in her lung and she got much worse). He ssid that its safe now that there is no cancer. ?? Im not so sure. Would large doses Steroids be safe if she has any residual disease that we dont yet know about?


Do you mean paraneoplastic syndrome? And if it is, do you know which kind? A search on pubmed of “paraneoplastic syndrome synovial sarcoma”, gives a few articles mentioning osteomalacia… What kind of steroid would be used?
You should get a second opinion from a sarcoma center that sees a lot of sarcoma, because this sounds like an unusual presentation. The biggest sarcoma centers are probably MD Anderson in Texas and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.


Yes paraneoplastic syndrome. I read the articles on ostemalaca but those symtoms are different. Hers line up paraneoplatic or OMS. Unfortunately, I don’t know what kind of steroids. I will ask. In the meantime we are trying to get a consult at MD Anderson. Thank you for this blog. I always use it as a resource when talking to our team.


I do hope you manage to get a consult with MD Anderson. Please keep us posted about what you find out. Hopefully your experience may be useful to somebody else in the future.