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Itching like crazy!

I'm 7 months out from surgery to remove the ss from my back. Now all of a sudden I have excruciating itching around the surgery site. The skin there is completely numb so no amount of scratching or anti itch creams do a thing. I'm going out of my mind. I've been itchy for 24 hours. Has anyone dealt with this? Any ideas before I end up in the psych ward?


May be it's due to the nerves starting to wake up? It reminds me when my phantom foot is itchy. Very annoying indeed! Could some mindfulness meditation or hypnosis help?

Blood going to the area can cause itching. But blood going to the area is a really good thing. It means you are healing. I’ve had 6 surgeries now and I always experience the itching snd I have very few nerves left in my head so I understand that feeling of being unable to satisfy the itch. Rubbing the scar tissue helps promote healing so it should heal faster if you do that. This may shorten the itchyness. Good luck!

Thanks for your replies. Thank goodness it's calmed down. I finally ended up taking an anti-anxiety pill I had left over from chemo because I was getting so upset. It was crazy! I've never experienced anything like it. It was unrelenting! I did call my sarcoma nurses and the doc has prescribed gabapentin to calm the nerves down if it flares up again.