Is this typical of AIM--anemia 3 months after stopping?


Hi. My husband has has 2 bad reactions to AIM chemo – both landed him back in hospital for week to recover blood counts and other vitals.

He was suppose to start Yondelis trial today and was postponed because of anemia. It has been almost 3 months since completion of AIM and he has had transfusions on two other occasions in interim. Is this normal recovery or should we be concerned that something else is going on?

Oncologist will give red cell growth factor shot next week

Really just want to know if this is a typical adverse event at 3 months post chemo?

I say that knowing that much is not typical for synovial sarcoma



I don't think it is typical and I would be concerned if I was you...


Thanks. Now what to do? Postpone any next steps until we can determine root issue? Get second opinion?

What would you do? We are always playing beat the clock

Will speak with oncologist next week to see response to two pints of red blood yesterday and get a booster shot.

Any ideas from others on whAt may be root issue? Possible that radiation, major surgery with amputation plus AIM just wacked his bone marrow since all of these have occurred in quick succession over last 6 months

Is synovial sarcoma ever known to attack blood?

I know these are questions for doctor but would appreciate any input based on prior experiences from this group. Did a search on anemia and did not find this outcome discussed

Thanks again


Never heard about synovial sarcoma attacking blood. The response to the blood transfusion and booster shot should give more information. If his oncologist doesn't come up with a good explanation, I would seek a second opinion.

One root cause could be internal bleeding. Another could a bone narrow disease. So it can potentially be a serious problem. Or may be not. Either way, it needs to be investigated...


Thank you. That confirms what I was thinking. I appreciate this very much. It is so helpful to have your good input when thinking things through