Is anyone here using Votrient?

My mum has stage 4 soft tissue sarcoma cancer and has been using sarcoma for 4 months. But this months, she suddenly has a very high blood pressure so she is also in the middle of hypertension medication. Is it normal?

Also for anyone that using Votrient, I am wondering do you guys eat the pills always on the exact time? The pharmacist told me if my mom start to consume it in 8am, then she should keep consume it at 8am sharp. Meanwhile the doctor said it is okay to miss one or two hour. Which one is correct? Thank you everyone and have a good day!

This is something I would encourage you to clear up. Generally speaking, there are some meds that have wiggle room, and some that don’t. So for example, I know that my anti-inflammatory I can wiggle it a bit, when I take it twice a day. But my daughter’s seizure meds need to be taken within the same one hour period, 10-11pm, every night. Every night.

Here is the link to the dosing information from the manufacturer. I hope that helps.

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If possible stay on time as best you can. If you happen to miss the dose by a couple hours every once in a while then it is ok.

I was taking it at night before bed to not forget and also I handled the side effects better that way.