Has anyone participated in an immunotherapy trial with Keytruda (Pembrolizumab)?


I am on step 2... have signed the consents and went over the financial and now will go over the testing and final steps next week then begin the drug if all goes well. I do not know anyone who has been in the trial. My understanding is that this is brand new for sarcoma. I have ss with severe mets to the lungs. I would love to talk with you more about this trial and am anxious to hear what others have to say. I will friend you. Thanks. Debbie.


Please give me any information on it. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Debbie, my name is Sheila. My son is starting in the study for Pembrolizumab on Tuesday the 24th. R u from Pittsburgh? Wld love to talk to someone who is in the study. U can FRIEND me & message me on FB. Wld b so nice to connect w/someone else having a similar experience. Thanks!


Hi all. I will be hopefully starting this trial in April at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. One of the sponsors is an organization called (Sarcoma Alliance for Research Through Collaboration) Google their website and check them out, although I could not find this trial on their website. Their trial id is SARC028 and their phone # is 734-■■■■■■■■ please call them with any questions including locations. I know the .gov trial page https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/study/NCT02301039 shows only Pennsylvania as a trial site but I know there are more, including Michigan and California. There doesn't seem to be a lot out there for us stage 4 ss patients and this trial sounds very exciting for us!! If you would like to ask me anything, please do. I am brand new to this blogging so I apologize in advance for any ineptness.



Oops! I should have said Pittsburgh not Pennsylvania.