How has Ben's Friends impacted your life?


Ben's Friends social development work is captured in this awesome Harvard Business Review article Deliver Big Impact on a Small Budget.

In it, Scott Orn tells how BF rose as a major player on rare disease support before sharing tips and advice for would-be social entrepreneurs on creating impact in spite of a meager budget.

Some of our members who read the article commented on how their lives have changed for the better because of BF's work.

You may want to do the same!

Please take a few minutes to read the article then share who you are and how has being a part of your community impacted your life.

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Ben's friends have helped me so much. For a long time I felt so alone, most people don't understand what it feels like to have a rare cancer, they believe cancer is cancer. But with Ben's friends everyone understands and are SO HELPFUL!! I wish I had found you in 2007 when I was first diagnosed. Thank you, Ben's Friend