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How Great is My God!


WOW! Less than 24 hours after deciding that CHOP is where I want to be treated they call us with glorious news.

They met as an entire team today and have decided that they want to delay chemotherapy!! They are going to do more tests and determine where (if anywhere) any remaining cells are within my body before attacking my cells with an extremely powerful chemotherapy. They feel confident that the .5cm tumor in my right pleura was resected with margins and are also exploring the possibility of radiating that area (which they did not think was an option before). Needless to say, I am so thankful for all of the prayers that everyone on this site and elsewhere has sent up to our wonderful God.


God is always right on time. Thanks for your wonderful comments about my faith. I couldn't ask for anything better! Keep your head up. Praise God for you and your faith. Never doubt. I am very happy that this positive note has happened for you right now! Be well, my friend.


That's wonderful news! Now you can really enjoy your prom!


That is wonderful news! God is able and he is a healer


Great news.


Great news - enjoy yourself!


Very happy for you.


Hi Devon - my daughter is 18 and is also a patient at CHOP. They have been wonderful. Enjoy your prom. All the best to you. Trish


God is good all the time even in our health challenges