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How Do You Prepare Your Family for the Worse?


Metastatic disease has made me wonder many times if my family is ready for life without me. And have I done everything to make their transition to living without me easier?
One of our member recently passed away. He was using a family business e-mail and his brother found it difficult to get rid of our e-mail notifications since he didn't have his password.
I did write a letter with all my accounts and passwords on it and stored it in our safe. My husband did the same.
I don't know if I thought about everything though. How are you guys prepared?


I think about this too. Had my leg amputated and as a lot of you have experienced, that is not the end of it. A lot of us have lung mets. I think about my 2 children who are 23 and 21 both live with me.I cant imagine having to tell them that I was given only a few weeks or months to live. I guess I try not to think about it,try to remain positive.Sometimes if I am especially tired or if I start coughing a lot, they get scared and ask with a worried voice are you alright mom?

I have thought that if it did come to the time where my time was limited, I plan to make them a tape recording of how much I loved them and what they should do in certain circumstances, like getting married, buying a home, employment,and tips on trying to live a happy life.

I plan to clear up all my outstanding bills and I'm trying to get my house in order.I'll write my own obituary and plan my funeral.

How depressing right? At the end of life, we regret the things we didn't do or say, not what we did do or say.