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How do you pick the right dr

Does anyone know Dr. Lackman in Camden NJ? He is doing my husbands second surgery to remove tissue in the hope of getting clean margins. His tumor was found in his foot by his podiatrist, it was removed intact so this is a just in case surgery. Any feedback is appreciated. The tumor was less than
1.5 cm so he is recommended 5 weeks of radiation.

My tumor was located in my elbow and was removed intact as well. It was not diagnosed as synovial sarcoma for a couple of weeks after the initial surgery. I had a second surgery to insure clear margins at the Mayo Clinic. This was followed by Brachy Therapy, the insertion of radioactive seeds through the tumor site. This treatment lasted a day or two. (It was 22 years ago, it is hard to remember) I than received several weeks of radiation. I was lucky and remained cancer free for 15 years. Look around at the treatment options available to your husband, there are many to choose from. I've always been aggressive in my treatment plan. Wishing the best for you and your husband.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your response.

Did it ever return?

Yes, several times. Diagnosed in 1992 (surgery & Brachy Therapy), metastasized to both lungs in 2007(surgery), returned to lungs in 2011 (surgery), mutated and moved to the lymphatic system in 2012 (Votrient) , 2014 (immunotherapy). My latest treatment is documented in a blog located here:

Each time I come out a better person.

When I had a biopsy done of the tumors in my lung, and Mayo came back and said it was SS, my husband and I researched sarcoma oncologists online to determine the best facility to seek treatment from. I was fortunate that the one and only sarcoma center in Illinois was at the facility we already had in mind and who rated top in our state.r. When it came to selecting a surgeon, we did the same thing as well as consulted with our oncologist. This time I have to drive to another state, but again we feel we're seeing one of the best sarcoma surgeons out there.

I suggest researching online, see where the cancer center ranks, compare the doctor to other doctors, make sure sarcoma is part of their focus, if not their primary focus, and select doctors from that pool.

Obviously we all know this cancer, SS, is tricky and difficult. Regardless of the outcome of my personal case, I can say in confidence we saw some of the best doctors out there and I won't have to second guess or have regrets on who treated me. I picked my doctors based on their resume's and all I have to do now is trust them, do what they say, and continue to live my life as best I can.