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After recurrence in my lungs shortly (2.5 months) after amputation and vats, I went to see a naturopath and he recommended to start a treatment with hookworms. Has anyone here done/studied this option?

Yes, a lot of cancer patients are taking these types of drugs offlabel.

Actually, what I meant is a therapy that uses hookworms implanted in the patients body as a way to boost the immune system. Here is a site that has information about this treatment:

Any one has heard/experienced this therapy?

Wow. Fascinating! Where is your doctor located?

I’ve heard of helminthic therapy, and have done some research into it for my condition. I have to admit, that while it looks promising, I would highly recommend that you speak with your doctor about this. The problem is that it’s still unregulated, because it hasn’t passed the FDA testing yet.


Yes, I will talk about this to my main oncologist. I fear he might think I am nuts, but will listen to what he has to say. Still, I keep looking for all available means to deal with metastatic SS. Given that not many therapies are available, and that cutting is the main curative approach, I am willing to look into just about anything that has some rationale to it. Helminthic therapy does not seem to be a cure. But if the online info is correct, it seems to boost the T-cell count, lower inflamation and reinforce the inmune system.