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So now the oncologist said Brachytherapy is a good option?? Does anyone have anexperience with this or comments about this??


Hoping this is not to disjointed but here goes. Just today I have been looking for options available for my son in law who is valiantly battling synovial sarcoma and he now has been informed he has stage 4 lung cancer. I came across this info about brachytherapy on the Canadian Cancer site. At the bottom of the article you can request information and if you are not in Canada there are links you can follow for you jurisdiction… Here is the link and I hope it is helpful… Wishing you the best…


I had this in 2012 during my excision surgery with no major side effects. It however made the physical therapy all the more important due to the likelihood of increased scaring.


Here is a review about brachytherapy that you may want to take a look at:



I had brachytherapy back in 1992 when the tumor in my right elbow as excised for clear margins. This was followed by 7 weeks of radiation. My SS went into remission for 15 years after those initial treatments. I'm personally not a fan of radiation to the lungs.


Thanx Jim! This was a reccurance in my left thigh. So had the tumors removed again. Now I have to go for the operation for the implantation of the brachytherapy in my leg as Ive already received external radiation for 6 weeks with the first tumor in 2012… Would you recommend this form of treatment? Is it painful?


There is no pain at all. The flexible rods were inserted during the surgery. They where removed while awake without much effort or pain. It was like having a catheter removed. There were 5 flexible rods inserted and remained in my arm for a little over a day.