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Synovial Sarcoma
After surgery 1 year ago to remove tumour from my right leg / groin area&radiotherapy & clear x rays my last chest X-ray showed shadow I had CT today & was told it’s in my lungs

I have to go to see lung specialist now Thursday
Anyone any advice/ help
Two young boys two under 3& totally devastated

Getting treated in Belfast
Read that if there is on people have been saying there’s usually more which has annoyed me
Plus would it be weird To feel pain on my back


Metastatic nodules are painless most of the time. Pain in the back could be due to a pleural effusion.
Questions you may want to ask:
How many nodules and what sizes? How many lobes have nodules?
Is surgery an option and if not why?
What treatment option can they offer? How familiar are they with sarcoma?
You may want to join the Sarcoma UK mailing list. They have a list of sarcoma centers in the UK:


Thank you I will take these questions with me