Hello, I'm new here!


I signed up a while ago but haven’t been involved. A friend I made through his blog always told me this place was great (Gary Tiaroa, I think he was quite active here.

I have recurrent synovial sarcoma in my chest wall and would love to hear from anyone in a similar situation. Seems the chest wall isn’t the most common place to get it.

I’m running out of options now so I’m keen to see what other people are trying.

My blog is here if you’d like to find out anymore about my journey with sarcoma: http://synovialwhat.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1

Thanks guys :slight_smile: x


Here is a list of members with ss in the chest wall:


I don't know if any of them is still around but I hope if they are they will post something...

Gary used to be a moderator here. He had a great spirit. I miss him :-(


Thank you Elodie. I'll have a look.

Yes I miss Gary too, a beautiful soul to connect with.