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Healing Naturally without conventional therapy


If ANYONE has healed Synovial sarcoma with natural treatments, please let me know. I was diagnosed in January. The tumor is in my shoulder and 7.7x7.7x7.5 cm, and they are wanting to do combo radiation and chemo before suregry to try and shrink it for clear margins. I have read and joined a group, chrisbeatcancer.com and doing his square 1 plan 100% for about a week, and the doc wants to check me in on Monday. I could really use some advice. I have a strong faith in God and His healing and even believe the natural treatment could work, but wanted to know if it’s worked for anyone else with specifically synovial sarcoma. Thank you in advance



Welcome to the group. I am sorry for what you are going thru and I hope that with the help of God you go thru this treatment and go back to a normal life!

There are many success stories out there.

The best course of action is the radiation and chemo. There is nothing natural that is proven to work. There are miracles but with this, the best is to use the standard radiation and chemo treatment to try to reduce the tumor to help the surgery.


Thank you Ricky! I so appreciate you reaching out to me :blush: