Has anyone heard of/been offered Axitinib?


Hi everyone,

Today my oncologist offered me a place in a clinical trial called Axi-STS which uses a drug called Axitinib. I had bilateral thoracotomies with laser resection at the end of last year and my recent scan shows quite a lot of recurrence already.

I was wondering if anybody has had this drug and can tell me what side effects to expect?



Is it the following trial?


Apparently, the trial is only held in UK so it may be difficult to find other patients with SS on the trial...

Wikipedia has a page with a list of adverse effects for this drug:


Here are the results of the phase III trial for pancreatic cancer in Japan:


It won't tell you if it works for sarcoma but it discusses adverse effects...


Yes, that’s it. I’ve been entered into the trial now. It is being used for 4 subtypes of STS including ours. It’s been described to me as the ‘second generation’ of pozapanib and they are hoping for it to either have a better or longer lasting effect. We will see.(I am being treated at a cancer centre by one of the leading sarcoma specialists in Europe, his name is Dr Mike Leahy)


Good luck! I hope it does work. We are in need of new treatment options!