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Has anybody tried TH-302?


Apparently results from a phase II study were encouraging and they are starting a phase III study:


Details about the trial are here:



Thanks for that Elodie, always appreciate the info you post.

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Thank you for sharing.

I just want to double check with you to make sure I understand right. Is patient allowed to participate in the trial for TH-302 alone if he got ifo-doxo two years ago?

Thank you in advance.


Townclerk, how is your husband doing now? I just found out that Merck decided not to pursue TH-302 (evofosfamide) further:



I was really hoping this drug would become another option :-( I am wondering what happens to the patients who are still on it...


The results of the TH-302 trial were announced and they are very disappointing:



Combining Evofosfamide (TH-302) and Doxorubicin turned out to be inefficient for soft tissue sarcoma except for synovial sarcoma in a phase 3 trial where overall survival for the combination was 22.1 months compare to 9.4 months with Doxorubicin alone:

An additional trial would be needed to confirm that it wasn’t just the luck of the draw…