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Handling panic-attacks

My Sarcoma returned after losing my right hand during my second bout. Well this third bout cost me my lung. I find myself waking up panting heavily for air. My wife gives me a handful of meds, rubs my back and has to "baby me back to sleep", when will this end..? when will she be able to count on me again..?

I am sorry for your pain. My dentist gave me the best strategy that has worked for me and my family. Watch comedy shows to calm your mind and help you to laugh. Laughter helps rewire the brain so you can relax and get through the tough times. I know it sounds silly to say this but I have found laughter really is good medicine

I wish you and your wife peaceful rest to support recovery

Try putting on some soft music like Enya, music box or classical. Get an oxygen prescription from your Dr. so you can breath and sleep. God bless you and your wife..


Synovial Mom

A good set of earbuds and some tunes... Music is magic... I found a very helpful site that is free and has online seminars , etc.. One that I think could be helpful was on meditation...

I kinda have to agree with george on this one. During nightly panic attakcs I useally whatch something 'funny'. Anyway to redirect the thoughts from all the mess. It helps for me....