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Follow up scan result

Just wanted to update the group how happy I’m today after my child’s scan report. We did CT of head neck thorax and all looks perfectly fine.
I think there is a lot of good hope for those in similar situation, with God’s grace nothing is impossible. I feel low grade SS, small tumor size etc can have good outcome…
His doctor says next can be a chest x-ray after six months. What a relief…
I update the status here so that others in similar situation can be more optimistic. I used to search a lot for someone in my similar situation but it was hard to find. I presume once everything goes well people tend to not update in the forum…

What great news, Mito! How is your son handling all of this? Handling “things” isn’t always easy for a young teen.

Thanks for posting: it’s great to get positive news. People need to hear that, I agree. But as you say, a lot of people tend to move on when things are going well.

I also think that sometimes people are reluctant to share good news for fear of making others feel upset that their news isn’t as happy. It’s difficult to know what to do, isn’t it?

Keep us updated on how things are going with you and your son, OK?

Seenie from ModSupport

Hey Miro I’m happy to hear that your son is doing good! I was around his age when I was diagnosed & I just turned 41. I had a small ss in my knee & was lucky enough to be cancer free after my surgery, chemo & radiation & I remain cancer free now so its possible especially with today’s advancements. When I was diagnosed they said had my tumor been bigger they would have amputated. And eventually this will feel like a lifetime ago even though it dominates your life right now. Tell him to stay up on his regular checkups because now that I have been in remission for 29 years I forget to go back for all the tests & follow ups I’m supposed to do. And I really haven’t had any side effects or problems from the chemo or radiation. All of this will be a distant memory believe it or not. Thank you for sharing & I will pray that your son stays cancer free!

Sure I’ll do.
I know… It’s not good news for all but at least it brings hope and positive feeling to some…

Thanks for your response😊

Hi Nikki
Thanks for your reply. So glad to hear that you’re doing great…
What was your tumor size When diagnosed? Lucky that you found it at very early stage. How long did you do your follow up scans? Have you completely stopped your follow ups?
My :pray:prayers for you. And thanks for praying for my son too
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