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Fighting the good fight

Hello everyone. First off, this site is great. Just nice to read other peoples stories, good and bad. It's very grounding to hear from others dealing with the same issues.

I was diagnosed with SS in July. It's located in my lower chest just outside my esophagus. I have just completed 4 rounds of Dox/Ifo. Response has been positive with signs the chemo has shrunk the tumor. Awaiting now to see if I can get into Mayo for proton therapy. Then surgery.

As with most I have a lot to fight for so I know I am going to kick this cancers ass. I have kept my attitude wicked positive and it really help me get though chemo with not to many downfalls.

I just wanted to introduce myself, keep moving forward, continue to be awesome because nothing can compete with awesome including this shitty cancer.

I will be lurking



43yr Male - Location: MN

Good luck! Hopefully everythinggoes according to plan!

Good luck Chris! Keep us posted!

Stay strong god bless

Got your backā€¦ <3

Good luck!!! Attitude is 75% of the battle. You can do anything you put your mind to!

Your words inspired me. Goodluck!

Thanks for the response everyone. Getting ready to do (Nov 9) 5 weeks of radiation with cisplatin. Curious to know, how is the cisplatin side effects compared to Doxi/Ifo? I of course read up on it but kind of want to hear the "boots on the ground" reports. I got through the Dox/Ifo pretty decently.

Staying positive because anything else is a waste of energy.



Cisplatin is not a conventional treatment for sarcoma so I don't know if you will find many people who have experience with it. I did get cisplatin but with doxorubicin so I wouldn't know if the side effects were from one or the other drug. But they were similar to ifosfamide's side effects.