Fighting on...!


10 months back when I was diagnosed with the recurrence of the Cancer, I was told I don't have many months to live considering the cancer type and its location. Nearly lost my eye twice due to the cancer spreading in the orbital area.

But, today, 10 months down the line, here I am...still surviving, still fighting. Today I could after a long time do the thing that gives me most joy & peace and is also within the realm of 'normal' for me - drive my car.

Currently undergoing 4 types of treatments - immunotherapy, chemotherapy (with the drug - trabectedin), ayurveda and laser therapy which is a non invasive surgery to correct the growth of the tumour.

Its a long tough journey ahead, and I don't know if I will come out of it or not, but I surely ain't giving up the fight yet.


Nice to hear from you Aashish, even if the news are not so great :-( What do you think about your treatments so far? It's unusual to mix all these together...


Elodie, I am in an unusual situation :) At this juncture, we have to try our best.

At some level the immunotherapy & chemotherapy seem to be working, as the tumour is growing but growth is stunted. However, the primary issue is not yet resolved - which is of getting the cancer to go from the critical locations in my head.

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best. :) As I said, we keep fighting, the rest I guess is destiny


It’s good to hear from you again. I wish you all the best with your treatments. Keep fighting with strength and courage.


Very good to read your update and see that you are positive and not giving up! Many Blessings.


Wow all these treatments at once? What kind of immune theraphy are you getting then? Well anyway I hope it works..! Goodluck!