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Etoposide versus Doxorubicin plus Olaratumab or Other Options

Hi - trying to make a decision between using etoposide versus doxorubicin plus Olaratumab. Any thoughts on preference? or other option(s)?
My daughter has metastized disease to her lungs and operation is not possible. We have already had the following treatments and she is not NY ESO positive. Any input would be appreciated. All the best, Trish

  1.  Ifosfamide and Doxorubicin  
  2.  MORAb-004 
  3.  Votrient 
  4.  Trabectedin 
  5.  Gemcitabine and Docetaxel 
  6.  High dose Ifosfamide
  7.  Pembrolizumab 
  8.  Dicarbazine 
  9.  Aldoxorubicin
  10. Ifosfamide with radiation
  11. Entrectinib

Your daughter is becoming a professional drug trial patient :frowning2:
Etoposide is an old drug. Some members have tried it but in combination:
On the other hand, Olaratumab is new but I’ve not found published data showing synovial sarcoma response rate and I have yet to come across somebody with synovial sarcoma who tried it. May be somebody who reads this?
You can always draw a dice on one of these:
I am not helping much, am I?
Which drug worked best for her so far?

Also, you may want to read this:

Have you looked into immunotherapy?

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I have been using Olaratumab and Doxarubicin since March. I just had my mid treatment scans. Some tumors have shrunk and others have grown. My doctor thinks it will not make a difference if I continue to use it, but she has hope.

Thanks for sharing Misty. I hope your doctor can offer new options.

It sounds like this is my last option. I am just living for my kids, now. This weekend, I have a son graduating 8th grade and another graduating kindergarten. I am so happy to be here for them! Next year, I have a daughter graduating 8th grade. It is my new goal - to be here for her!

My son is also graduating 8th grade. I was diagnosed shortly after he was born and never thought I would make it that far. Life is unpredictable…
Have you looked into NY-ESO-1 trials? Those are worth looking into if you are NY-ESO-1 positive…

I don’t know anything about this… please give me more information…

Most synovial sarcoma express NY-ESO-1 which is an antigen only found on cancer cells or on the testis which are anyway protected from the immune system. There are 2 main immunotherapy trials that target NY-ESO-1 expressing cells, using 2 different methods:

For more information about these trials, you can take a look here:

I don’t know if you noticed but at the top of the page, there is a drawing of a magnifying glass and if you click on it, you can do a search for NY-ESO-1 or anything else…