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Essential Oils?

Does anybody believe in the healing power of essential oils? I totally don't want to sound crazy but it's worth a try right? I've heard pretty inspirational stories regarding the oils. I've also turned my diet completely organic. It's a really good feeling knowing I can at least control some part of my health.

I went to a spa a few times and had "bubbling" baths with essential oils there. It was definitely relaxing :-)

There is an information page on essential oils at the National Cancer Institute web page:

Expectations of a cure would probably be disappointed, but I'm sure they can contribute to a patient's sense of well-being, and improved mood could help fight the disease.

Some of our members on other networks have reported that using essential oils can be very helpful with seizure control, interestingly.

Did you also became Vegetarian or Vegan?

Thanks guys! I'm going to try Doterra oils and see what happens :)

I have not become vegetarian or vegan.. my iron level always drops dramatically when I do that lol

I just don't buy meat that has artificial substances or growth hormones and its all lean meat.

Check out Very informative site. Inspirational and helpful.