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My husband and I when he was going through a strong batch of three types of chemo including doxirubcin. He went for 24 hour to 36 sessions. This was the fall of 2011. He went for 6 rounds, then remission. The cancer then grew to a twelve cm mass in 3 months. He tried chemotherapy, three different kinds this time. The chemo burn the bottom of his feet he could barely walk. Then he went in the hospital last summer and the doctor said he only had a few days to live. He kept fighting and we went to Toronto where he had radiation. Again two oncologist told us he was going to die to give up treatment and enjoy life. He is taking chemotherapy pills called votrient, which are not approved in Canada recommended by his oncologist here. He did have some tumor shrinkage due to the radiation. But it is growing again!!!. So we aiming for radiation. I wish they would give him a lung transplant.

They don't do lung transplant for cancer patients :-( Good luck with the radiation!

hello my name is Natalie and I live in Virginia. my daughter Harley is 20 and has a synovial sarcoma in her left lung. I wish your husband the best and I hope god can make a miracle happen for him and my daughter. 2 weeks ago a thoracic surgeon attempted to remove her left lung but during surgery they found the cancer has spread to her diaphragm. so now I am trying to find somewhere to take her to see if she can be helped. i pray everyday and i guess that's all we can really do.