Doxorubicin ifostamide combination



I was diagnosed with stage 3.

I was given 5 rounds ifo/doxo, every three weeks followed by surgery and 2 rounds ifo....( ifo 3g/sm/day, for 3 days + doxo 37,5mg/sm/day , for 2 days )

I lost all my hair and my skin turned dark on some bodyparts.

After the first round i felt sores and blisters in my mouth, so i couldn't eat and was given a feedingprobe.

I started to use medi-marijuana to feel less nauseous, food tasted differently but my medimeds forced me to eat so weightloss was stabil at that time.

After the fourth round it got realy nasty......

I was 15 years old, an athleet in love and playing soccer three times a week !

Now i'm 18 cancerfree for 2,5 years.

You can... you can ..... you can..... Wish you strength and best of luck !


Tumor of 10cm near outside of my lung. Was removed with surgery along with 1/3 of my lung. Had Radiation then yes started both of these drugs of chemo

I had both meds given to me at the same time , 4 cycles of it. Doctor was going to do 5 or 6 but decided 4 was good. My first scan showed no cancer and hoping i sail through the rest every 3 months.

Losing my hair was the worst. I did not get to sick to my stomach maybe just the 1 cycle then took nausea meds and i did fine. Also did nueprogen shots which was fine to.

I feel good other than this cough nobody can seem to figure out



I went through 4 consecutive cycles in the fall. Each cycle got a little worse. I did not have nausea, but had thrush which is really bad hearburn and esophagus irritation. I ended up neutropenic or with very low blood counts and caught fevers and ended up in the hospital twice. After the four cycles my progress was great and they ordered another dose ahead of Radiation. Sorry to be graphic, but as a reuslt of not eating and drinking enough I had constipation issues whihc got more complicated so pay close attention to drinknig alot and take stool softeners if need be.

I about to go on it again becaue I have the misfortune of having hte cancer spread over hte period of time I was waiting for IMRT approval and the actual 25 or five weeks of that treatment and three week delay on scans while my skin healed.

Whatever you do be very aggressive with your doctors and schedules.

Good luck,


I had 5 treatments of Dox / Ifos between Sept 2011 - Feb 2012, being in hospital for 72 hours per treatment, every 2 1/2 weeks, with 3 doses of each over the three days. I lost my hair about two weeks after the first treetment and though I had sickness it wasn't too bad. the tiredness was the hardest thing to manage and did get worse over the course of treatment. I had two blood transfusions on the last two treatments and they definatly helped give me a boost and made me feel so much better. after this treatment I then had 6 weeks of Radiotherapy followed by surgery on May 2012. The prognosis was that the tumor was 95% dead when removed. I have since been going back for CT and Chest X-Rays and have been all clear. I hope everything goes well with you.