Docitaxol & Gemzar


Hello - so I’ve met with Sloan Kettering (sarcoma specialist), my original onc and my sarcoma specialist onc and all have agreed trying doci & Gemzar is the best option I have at shrinking my tumors. I’ve done AIM and high dose ifex but have not done this cocktail. Has anyone had luck with tumors shrinking and disappearing with this combo? Sloan also suggested adding Avistan to this combo which I will be talking to my onc about tomorrow. Avistan apparently works similar to Votrient. Your help is appreciated!


You may want to search look through all the discussions on the subject (note that these drugs have different names):


It seems these drugs work very well for leiomyosarcoma but not so great for synovial sarcoma. But may be you can get a few months stability out of them...