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Could you recommend a SS fund / organization to donate to?


I'm planning my brother's funeral, and I would like people to donate to some kind of fund or organization that helps people with synovial sarcoma. Can you recommend any?



My son passed away in December. We were told the organization Sarcoma Foundation of America. I’m sorry for your loss.


I am so very sorry for you loss…

There is Rein in Sarcoma - based out of MN.


There are different types of organizations, some for research, yet others to improve patients well being.

The Paul Bustany Fund for Synovial Sarcoma Research is a small foundation that gives money specifically to synovial sarcoma research (right now they give to Kevin Jones Lab at University of Utah):


The Synovial Sarcoma Research Foundation is another small foundation that also gives money to synovial sarcoma research. They are based in Europe and funded 2 grants so far (one international with the Liddy Shriver Initiative):


Then there are bigger foundations that do not specifically fund synovial sarcoma research but sarcoma research in general. The Alan B Slifka Foundation has a new sarcoma grant initiative, similar to the former Liddy Shriver Initiative:


The SFA has funded several synovial sarcoma research grants in the past:


I've seen some synovial sarcoma research funded by the Alex's lemonade stand and the Terry Fox Foundation also.

Some families have started foundations for different purpose than research. Nikolas Ritschel use to be an active member on this site until he passed away in 2012. His family started a foundation in his name to help young adult 18 to 24 years old: