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Could this be the answer?

Hi there. Six months ago I was diagnosed with cancer after a biopsy of a lump in my neck. After a battery of tests at the famed Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston, I am still without a "first name" for my cancer, what type or where it started.

Last week after chemo, my knee swelled to double size, I was unable to put any weight on it. Fluid was drained and no infection or blood clot found. But it caused my family doc to wonder if this could be Synovial Sarcoma.

This knee has given me problems since childhood. An x-ray for an unrelated matter a few months ago showed a "baker's cyst.

None of the MRIs or PET scans they have done would have looked at the knee.

Any ideas or thoughts?

Do you have the biopsy report for the neck? What exactly does it say? Was the lump an enlarged lymph node?

It is unusual for synovial sarcoma to go from the knee to the neck. It usually goes to the lungs after the primary location...

What chemo did they give you?

Talking about baker's cysts, I had one in my neck while I was getting treatment for synovial sarcoma in my knee. And it did get infected in the course of treatments which made it swell and then some yellow fluid came out. Eventually it completely emptied itself.

They could tell it was a baker's cyst because it had a black dot in the middle.

Please seek out an orthopedic oncologist.

Inflammation has many possible causes: Quick die off of tumors, candida in the gut, chronic swelling from past injury, etc.

From my research and experience, and for my daughter's sake (Natanya has stage 4 synovial tumors in various areas of her torso, chest cavity, breast, lung, & pelvis.) Marijuana [non-sugar / non carbohydrated edibles,] Moringa plant, turmeric, and ginger are the best anti-inflammatories beyond toxic steroids. A compress of frozen chopped ginger, directly against the skin, works wonders on joints.

Warning: Oncologists and Radiation oncologists are often bothered by:

1.) natural remedies that don't turn big pharma profits, 2.) concerns of anti-inflammatories conflicting with the systemic effects of Chemo drugs and radiation.