Constipation or diarrhea while using Votrient



Has anyone run into issues of constipation and diarrhea while using Votrient ? How do you combat these problems? Did reducing the dosage help?




My daughter was on Votrient for 4 months. She took Colace for the constipation. That was prescribed by her doctor. All the best. Trish


Hi Gavin like you my husband had both while he was on the votrient I think of all the chemos he had he was the worse I seen him while taking the votrient, one day he would be on motillium and the next something else, he never seemed to get control of it so I hope you can. He also had problems with his appetite and lost a shed lot of weight, I wish you all the best with whatever side effects you may experience but most of all I pray it kills off the beast so u can live a normal life x